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Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 141 - Xmas 2013

A simple homespun Goodies Christmas including news, quiz and a chat about 40 years of The Goodies in Australia.

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Goodies Podcast 140 - Mr Stringer and the Oddie Foreward

Interview with author David Stringer, whose fine book The Insect Hotel is heartily endorsed by Bill Oddie.

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Goodies Podcast 139 - November News

Jeffers & Jane bring you the latest happenings involving The Goodies, while Steve is subjected to the GROK November quiz.

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Goodies Podcast 138 - Goodies in Movies

Jeffers & Jane read the news, look at the Goodies in feature films and do GROK's September Quiz.

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Goodies Podcast 137 - Free to Live

Jane & Jeffers comment on 'Free to Live', episode 10 of The Goodies' second series.

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Goodies Podcast 136 - Bill Oddie in Australia [part 2]

As Bill Oddie concludes his Australian tour, Jeffers records all sorts of peripheral nonsense and the gig itself...

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Goodies Podcast 135 - Bill Oddie in Australia [part 1]

Goodies news, Bill tour info, Steve & Megan return, and Jeffers & Jane prepare to be oddified by watching Bill's appearances on Australian TV.

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Goodies Podcast 134 - Goodies Three on Oz TV

All three Goodies were on Australian breakfast TV recently and Bill Oddie was taking over the airwaves. The trandem is soon to hit the streets of Aussie cities and all of this is hot gossip for Jeffers and Jane-o. Plus the Goodies Twitter league tables!

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Goodies Podcast 133 - Wicked Waltzing

So much stuff! We chat to Goodies fan artist Jenny Doyle, provide a commentary for Come Dancing (or 'Wicked Waltzing') and throw in a quiz. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 132 - Justin K brings Bill to Oz

Promoter of the Bill Oddie Australia Tour, Mr Justin Karcher, chats with Jeffers about what the antipodeans can look forward to from Billykins OBE. Plus there's news and a round of Goodies Celebrity Heads.

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Goodies Podcast 131 - The Goodies and the Beanstalk

Well, it's Easter around the world and what better time to sit down and do the Goodies Podcast commentary on everyone's favorite Goodies Easter Episode!

Except there isn't one... so, failing that... how about the one with giant eggs?

So sit back with your chockies and your favorite bunny, and get your beans out for the story with that famous line guaranteed to make any man smile...

"Five Thousand Puppies!!!!!"

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Goodies Podcast 130 - Top Trump and No Stump

Ep 130 features a lot of Bill, Linda Kay top trumps in LA, Steven Schapansky getting quizzed, the 'lovely' Ami McDonald news and more. Cheers!

Link to The Memory Cheats

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Goodies Podcast 129 - Graeme Garden turns 70

Graeme Garden has turned 70 and we celebrate the decades of his comedy genius with a little help from our friends.

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Goodies Podcast 128 - updation.mp3

Jeffers & Jane are heading off to the USA but are letting you know what podcasty things to expect while they are there. Get updated!

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Goodies Podcast 127 - Animals (LWT)

All good things come to an end - friendships, relationships, vacations... visits to cheerleaders... lives and loves... Superstars, Super Hats and Superchaps Three...

Back in the real world once again, Steve and Megan take time out (30 minutes, in 27... no... 26) to catch up with events from last year, and also to watch the final episode of the Goodies ever - Animals (but not THAT Animals, the LWT one!)

Be ready for daring ideas, daring comedy, daring bedroom scenes, vacation slide nights and a heck of a lot of swearing!

Revisit with us now, where it all ended... will it be a blast, or a whimper?

And will Steve survive the week????

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Goodies Podcast 126 - Hype Pressure

Jeffers & Jane bring you the latest news and a commentary for Hype Pressure, so don't be square Daddio - get slashin'!

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Goodies Podcast 125 - TBT in AA at the BBC

Jane & Jeffers discuss the debut of Tim Brooke-Taylor's chucklesome ANIMAL ANTICS. Sit Sparky. Good dog.

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Goodies Podcast 124 - year in review 2012

What did The Goodies do in 2012? Jane and Jeffers tell you all about it. Happy new year!

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