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50 Goody years! 

Part two of the Goodies 50th anniversary celebrations includes a fab long natter with Barnaby Eaton-Jones, the actor / writer / producer who brought us 'The Big Ben Theory' in 2019 - the first new Goodies episode in decades!

We also have messages from Goodies fans full of lovely thoughts on the 50th anniversary. Thanks team!

Link to The Big Ben Theory:
Barnaby Eaton-Jones:


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This three-interview thriller special is PART ONE of our Goodies' 50th Anniversary celebrations, featuring fun chats with Sarah Le Fevre (Mastermind), Adrian Bishop-Laggett (BBC Senior Sound Supervisor) and Julian Gabriel Clarke (cosplayer with Goodies flair!)

  • Listen to Sarah recall her Goodies grilling on Mastermind! (8:30 to 30:45)
  • Listen to Adrian the sound & music statesman chat about the origin of The Cricklewood Tapes and his time at the BBC, including Hartnell-era Doctor Who! (31:00 to 50:45)
  • Listen to Julian's secrets of creating great Tim costumes, and memories of a special TBT encounter in early 2020! (51:30 to 1:10:15)

It's a fabulous way to kick off the Goodies 50th Anniversary weekend. Huge thanks to our excellent guests for their generosity.

Julian's cosplay on Instagram:
Sarah's online magazine:
Sarah's Twitter:

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Radio Goodies is covered in this episode of the GP, completing the podcast's run of reviewing every ep of The Goodies! We also go over some good Bill news and talk about the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations.

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The Goodies' series 5 opener 'The Movies' (1975) is the subject of this podcast ep, with Jeffers and Steve Gerlach having a right good natter about it.
Jane joins Jeffers for the Goodies News, which includes some Graeme Garden audio but no word of Billykins!
And of course, we all still love Tim Brooke-Taylor.

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A farewell to Tim Brooke-Taylor, a cherished Goodie and comedy legend, who died on 12 April 2020.

R.I.P. Tim. We will miss you.

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