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Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 50 - Graeme Garden interview

An extra-special edition with a genuine Goody! Mr Graeme Garden joins Jeffers and Jane for a chat. What better way to celebrate 50 episodes of the podcast?

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GP Mastermind 2011 - round 02 - Vanessa Pusey.mp3

It's Goodies Mastermind round 2 - with Vanessa Pusey!

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Goodies Podcast #49: The Goodies - Almost Live

Change, my dear... New Year, new co-host, new commentary. Steve Gerlach - author, TARDIS owner, and all-round superchap - sits in the podseat and realises why Jeffers never works alone! And we go live, live, live with the Goodies! Be gentle...he's new...

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GP Mastermind - round 01 - Brett Allender

The first round of GOODIES MASTERMIND for 2011, featuring Brett Allender, editor of the Clarion and Globe newsletter.

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Goodies Podcast Update - Schedule Flip and Mastermind

Yes, just like the Music Master (or should we call him Nasty Person?) we've slipped in under the cover of darkness to drop a mid-week Podcast Update. There's news about a schedule flip, a regeneration and a competition that will blow your sherbert-sucking mind! Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 48 - 2010 in review

A look back at The Goodies' exploits in 2010.

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