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Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 128 - updation.mp3

Jeffers & Jane are heading off to the USA but are letting you know what podcasty things to expect while they are there. Get updated!

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Goodies Podcast 127 - Animals (LWT)

All good things come to an end - friendships, relationships, vacations... visits to cheerleaders... lives and loves... Superstars, Super Hats and Superchaps Three...

Back in the real world once again, Steve and Megan take time out (30 minutes, in 27... no... 26) to catch up with events from last year, and also to watch the final episode of the Goodies ever - Animals (but not THAT Animals, the LWT one!)

Be ready for daring ideas, daring comedy, daring bedroom scenes, vacation slide nights and a heck of a lot of swearing!

Revisit with us now, where it all ended... will it be a blast, or a whimper?

And will Steve survive the week????

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