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Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 151 - Big Bunny

This episode we discuss the Goodies' series four classic 'Invasion of the Moon Creatures'. Jane sympathises with the rabbits, Steve slates Kubrick, and Jeffers tries to hold it all together.

All hail Big Bunny!

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Goodies Podcast 118 - Saturday Night Grease

It's Saturday night and time to get down and dirty with the Disco Heave!

So, pull up your carrot underpants, step into your tight pants and get ready to go Grease Cyclin' with Tim Travolta and Olivia Newton-Grayboots (live from Disco Bilius), while Steve packs his bags for his trip to Texas to meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Heaven!! :)

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Goodies Podcast 113 - Do Not Adjust Your Podcast

Yes, Steve and Megan are back for a second week running, controlling Goodies HQ from the very most end of the earth while Jane and Jeffers are M.I.A.


Everything is under control.

Steve and Megan take a second stab at the shows that came before The Goodies in the hope of spotting a TBT special appearance, while also breathing a sigh of relief to be rid of Cleese and Chapman, having replaced them with the terrific trio of Palin, Jones and Idle.


Normality will return next week...maybe.

We think. Perhaps...

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GP Mastermind - round 9 - Anna Carlsson

GP Mastermind: round 9 - with whizz-kid Anna Carlsson of the Sveeden! How many Goodies questions will she answer correctly? Tune in...

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Goodies Podcast 34 - commentary: That Old Black Magic

Graeme goes gibbon and Witch Hazel is just nuts... Jeff and Jane pull That Old Black Magic out of a hat for an instant improv commentary.

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Goodies Podcast 30 - commentary: LIGHTHOUSE KEEPING LOONIES

This commentary for 'Lighthouse Keeping Loonies' features Lillibet (of Professor Dave's Ark in Space) and Jo (of the Flashing Blade), for the Goodies Podcast's first ever tri-continental Skype-fest!

Plus there's a lot of chat about 'The Movies' and a tune from Stevie Rigsby. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 25 - Tim Brooke-Taylor 70th birthday special!

Happy Birthday Tim!

This week, an episode devoted to fan worship of TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR on his 70th birthday.

Stacked with listener contributions, limericks, songs and snippets of Tim in action. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast Welcome

Hi there Goodies fan - welcome to the new GOODIES PODCAST.

This micro-post allows us to get a mite of artwork up to use in iTunes. Nothing more to see here. Carry on.


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