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Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 47 - Christmas Special 2010

Goodies Podcast Christmas Special 2010.

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Goodies Podcast 46 - ROBOT commentary

Commentary for The Goodies' series 9 (LWT) episode ROBOT. This edition of the GP features special guest host Isabell Olevall (from 'the Sveeden'!) filling in for an absent Jane-o.

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Goodies Podcast 45 - For Those in Peril on the Sea

Commentary for 'For Those in Peril on the Sea', featuring no guest stars, but with a song by Stevie Rigsby, some news, and Nastyperson.  Jeffers & Jane get a bit over-excited and the really bad puns start to flow...

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Goodies Podcast 44 - commentary: Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express

A commentary for 'Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express', where Jeffers and Jane are joined by fellow Perthian fan of The Goodies, Robert Haynes.

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Goodies Podcast 43 - HMV signing

Professor Dave gets along to the Goodies' in-store DVD signing at HMV in Oxford St, London. He chats to the Goodies themselves, plus fans of the show and some of the organisers. Thanks Prof!

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Goodies Podcast 42 - Andrew Pixley interview

TV historian Andrew Pixley gives his first non-print interview in 27 years, celebrating the release of his new book 'The Goodies: Super Chaps Three', just in time for the show's 40th anniversary. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 41 - Hayley Sim interview - ABC promos.mp3

Double interview special - we chat with Hayley Sim from the ABC about her work producing promos for The Goodies repeats and other shows, plus we have an event report from Stevie Rigsby about the Goodies Party with TBT in Manchester!

Hayley Sim: 2min to 17min30sec

Stevie Rigsby: 17min35sec to 38min20sec

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Goodies Podcast 40 - Goodies 40th Anniversary

It's THE GOODIES' 40th Anniversary this week! We celebrate their debut on November 8th 1970 by sharing peoples' stories of how they became Goodies fans. Plus clips from this week's promo appearances on BBC Radio and The One Show.

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Goodies Podcast 39 - The Goodies Rule OK [bearstyle]

Commentary for 'The Goodies Rule OK' special from 1975. Guests are Jeb Perrett and Nape Taverner from the BEARCAST.  Eey!

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Goodies Podcast 38 - Talk Sci-Fi

Jeffers chats to Gerri and Eugenia from Women Talk Sci-Fi about The Goodies' futuristic & spacey moments. Was The Goodies far more Sci-fi than we think? Plus a preview of Andrew Pixley's first interview in 27 years...

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Goodies Podcast 37 - news and reviews

More news leading up to The Goodies' 40th anniversary: Andrew Pixley's 'Super Chaps Three', fan petitions, re-release of the Funky Gibbon. Plus Cybertesticle podcast's John Branigan reviews The Book of Kells, a Doctor Who audio drama starring Graeme Garden. Choice bro!

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Goodies Podcast 36 - commentary: EARTHANASIA

Guest stars on this commentary for EARTHANASIA are Tony Gallichan (The Flashing Blade podcast) and Professor Dave. Also in this belly-button-obsessed extra-long episode are lashings of Goodies news items and audio clips. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast EXTRA - Visiting the Gibbons at Perth Zoo

The podcast team go to Perth Zoo to visit the primates, inspired by Bill Oddie. They took along Rolf-on-a-stick and hung out with the gibbons.

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Goodies Podcast 35 - DVD Back For More Again

Back For More, Again! the title of the NEW DVD announced for release on November 8 2010 by the glorious bods at Network DVD. Hail Network! Jeffers chats with four Goodies fans about the exciting news.

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Goodies Podcast 34 - commentary: That Old Black Magic

Graeme goes gibbon and Witch Hazel is just nuts... Jeff and Jane pull That Old Black Magic out of a hat for an instant improv commentary.

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Goodies Podcast 33 - commentary: Black and White Beauty

Get into your panto horse and get leaping! This week J & J comment on BLACK AND WHITE BEAUTY from 1976. Graeme and Bill take turns at questionable animal care while Timbo gets a bit weepy. Make sure the Gypsies don't steal your iPod! (featuring Stevie Rigsby)

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Goodies Podcast 32 - Matthew Sharp interview

Censored! This week, an interview with Matthew K Sharp, the compiler of the ABC's cuts to broadcasts of The Goodies in Australia. Matthew knows his stuff, people. Plus a snippet from a BBC Wildlife Magazine Podcast with Bill, and some audio from the BBC broadcast of the Humph tribute. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 31 - Miscellaneousity 2

Miscellaneousity! The return of the least popular show format for the GP sees J & J chatting about the Clarion & Globe, Goodies eBay bargains, Bill Oddie's wildlife charity work, plus feedback and a lot of other stuff. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast 30 - commentary: LIGHTHOUSE KEEPING LOONIES

This commentary for 'Lighthouse Keeping Loonies' features Lillibet (of Professor Dave's Ark in Space) and Jo (of the Flashing Blade), for the Goodies Podcast's first ever tri-continental Skype-fest!

Plus there's a lot of chat about 'The Movies' and a tune from Stevie Rigsby. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 29 - commentary: FRANKENFIDO

This commentary for FRANKENFIDO is the second part of Goodies Podcast on the road in Melbourne. Jeffers is joined by guest commentators Mike Staniforth and Kirsten Scott!

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Goodies Podcast 28 - Poet Graeme Garden [ASIM 45]

GP #28 brings you the story of how Graeme Garden came to write a poem for Australian Sci-fi / fantasy mag Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. We chat to ASIM #45 editor Jacob Edwards about GG's poem 'The Man Who Invented Time Travel'.

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Goodies Podcast 27 - Bunfight on the Road

It's a Bunfight! Jeffers goes to Melbourne and sits in the tearooms with fellow Goodies fan Steve Gerlach, where they blather over 'Bunfight at the OK Tearooms'. Plus there's a song from Stevie Rigsby and LOTS of news and tweets.


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Commentary for The Goodies' series 4 chuckle-fest Goodies In The Nick. Tim, Bill and Graeme help an inept copper and end up in prison! A masterful breakout ensues...

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Goodies Podcast 25 - Tim Brooke-Taylor 70th birthday special!

Happy Birthday Tim!

This week, an episode devoted to fan worship of TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR on his 70th birthday.

Stacked with listener contributions, limericks, songs and snippets of Tim in action. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast 24 - commentary: THE END

Too-cool Bill is trapped with Timbo and evil architect Graeme Garden in the concrete-covered Goodies office. It's The End. Including listener feedback and 'The End Blues' by Stevie Rigsby.

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Goodies Podcast 23 - commentary: THE LOST TRIBE

Jeffers and Jane whip up a commentary for THE LOST TRIBE (1971) from The Goodies series 2.

Bill, Tim and Graeme help Hazel find her dad; it seems the Prof went to live with the lost tribe of Sevenoaks!

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Goodies Podcast 22 - commentary: GIVE POLICE A CHANCE

Bill, Tim and Graeme convince folks to love the police but have to try much harder with the vice versa. Commentary for 'Give Police a Chance' (series 1) from Jeffers, Jane and guest commentator Ace Bowron. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast 21 - Alison Bean interview

We interview Goodies Rule OK fan club creator Alison Bean and preview Graeme Garden acting in The Book of Kells by Big Finish. Plus Bill Oddie returns to Springwatch!

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Goodies Podcast 20 - commentary: DODONUTS

Commentary for Dodonuts!

Bill tries to save the last Dodo from trigger-happy hunters Tim and Graeme by helping the hapless specimen take to the skies...

Plus we debut Stevie Rigsby's goodies DVD protest tune 'The Neverseenies'.

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Goodies Podcast 19 - Lisa Manekofsky of GROK

Hail to the chief! This episode we chat with the president of The Goodies Rule Ok! fan club Lisa Manekofsky.

Plus there's news of a freshly recovered episode of 'At Last The 1948 Show' in Blighty (more Tim Brooke-Taylor to be seen!) and a pub at Mornington Crescent renamed in honour of Chairman Humph.

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Goodies Podcast 18 - commentary: SCOUTRAGEOUS

Commentary for Scoutrageous! Tim tries to hide his scouting shame but Bill and Graeme uncover his secret. They set out to prove a point but become bent on world domination as the masked scouts... Call in the (Salvation) Army! Will Graeme and Bill destroy the world with their home-made atom bomb?

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Goodies Podcast 17 - Goodies in Doctor Who: Barnaby Edwards interview

Goodies in Doctor Who - we chat to Barnaby Edwards, the multi-talented Big Finish stalwart (and dalek!) about casting Bill, Tim and Graeme in a range of Doctor Who audio dramas.

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Goodies Podcast 16 - Jem Roberts interview [part 3]

Part 3 of the Jem Roberts interview, plus Jess from the SAUCY GIBBON reports on the Humphrey Lyttleton tribute show. Goody Goody Yum Yum!

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Goodies Podcast 15 - commentary: LIPS or ALMIGHTY COD

Commentary: LIPS or ALMIGHTY COD!

Yup, it's Jaws and Cod Wars as the Goodies and their mincing fishy friend Brian take on the Icelanders.

PLUS NEWS! Bill is set to return to telly. And in an exclusive for the Goodies Podcast, we're told that Graeme is returning to Doctor Who Audio in the new 8th Doctor series with Paul McGann. Brillo!

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Goodies Podcast 14 - Jem Roberts interview [part 2]

Part Two of our chat with JEM ROBERTS, author of 'The Clue Bible'.

Jem waxes lyrical on working with the fine fellows that are The Goodies. A cup of tea with Bill, and Graeme as fairy godfather. Gold!

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Goodies Podcast 13 - Jem Roberts interview [part 1]

I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue! - An interview with the author of The Clue Bible, JEM ROBERTS. This is the first part of a multi-installment chat with Jem; part 1 sees him talk about the process of writing the book and working with Tim & Graeme. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 12 - Jonathan Wood interview

Interview! Jeffers chats with JONATHAN WOOD, the BBC colourist and telecine whiz who restored the Goodies episodes for the BBC's DVD releases. Will we see the Goodies' black and white epsiodes one day restored to their glorious original colour? Tune in...

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Goodies Podcast 11 - commentary: POLLUTION

A commentary for The Goodies' series two ep 'POLLUTION', plus scattered chatter, news, feedback and a decandem (?). Plus an attempt at a Goodies Podcast theme tune :)

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Goodies Podcast 10 - commentary: HOSPITAL FOR HIRE

Ahh, to be a medical man!

In this ep of the podcast J & J lay down a commentary for the Goodies' NHS nightmare HOSPITAL FOR HIRE (series 4, episode 3), along with previewing the upcoming Jonathan Wood interview in ep 12...

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Goodies Podcast 9 - Mike Gibbs interview

An interview with MIKE GIBBS, the Goodies' first musical director (series 1 through 5). Mike riffs on his memories of The Goodies. Dig that groovy lick!

This ep bookends the interview with Dave MacRae from the previous podcast. Splendid chaps, both of them!

Enjoy :)

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Goodies Podcast 8 - Dave MacRae interview

Dave MacRae recalls his time as The Goodies' musical director. Bill Oddie sings Prince songs. Jeffers pinches a newsflash or two and repeats tweets. All in a day's work!

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Goodies Podcast 7 - Miscellaneousity!

A double-length episode of Goodies trash-talk by Jeffers and Jane (Elizabeth?). *Note - we suspect that 'Badgerwatch' was a FAST SHOW sketch and not an actual series starring Bill Oddie! Apologies to Bill and Kate Humble...

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Goodies Podcast 6 - commentary: BIGFOOT

Commentary for The Goodies series 9 episode BIGFOOT - where Bill, Tim and Graeme hunt for Arthur C Clarke in the Rocky Mountains and find more than they expect. As for the commentary, Jane tries to get a word in while Jeffers gets obsessed by what was cut from the script!

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Goodies Podcast 5: Interview with Brett Allender

A chat with Goodies Rule OK's editor of the Clarion & Globe, Brett Allender, who takes us through his ratings in the Goodies episode guide and talks a bit of shop. Plus news on Goodies-related events in the UK. And feedback!


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Goodies Podcast  4 - commentary: KUNG FU KAPERS

Podcast #4 is a commentary for the series 5 Goodies episode KUNG FU KAPERS; have your black pudding at the ready! Plus an update re: Tim Brooke-Taylor on BBC Breakfast telly plugging Slapstick 2010. Ecky thump!

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Goodies Podcast 3 - lost clip discovered! Missing Goodies clip found! A lost and largely unseen Goodies 'mock advert' that was cut from the episode THE LOST TRIBE was found this week. We get the lowdown from JOHN WILLIAMS, the ABC archivist and researcher who unearthed this satirical gem. Top guy.
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Goodies Podcast 2 - commentary: CAMELOT Goodies Podcast #2 features a commentary for CAMELOT (episode 1 of Goodies series 4). Jeffers and Jane quiz a posh cyber-Pixley about the location of Camelot and are informed it is Bodiam Castle in East Sussex! Enjoy :)
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Goodies Podcast Welcome

Hi there Goodies fan - welcome to the new GOODIES PODCAST.

This micro-post allows us to get a mite of artwork up to use in iTunes. Nothing more to see here. Carry on.


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Goodies Podcast 1 - Commentary: LOCH NESS MONSTER Hi and welcome to the pilot episode of the GOODIES PODCAST, a commentary of the Goodies' season two episode 'Scotland' a.k.a. THE LOCH NESS MONSTER.
While Graeme, Bill and Tim tackle a monster hunt on behalf of Bernard Bresslaw's Zookeeper, dealing with the sly manipulations of Stanley Baxter's tourist-trap-happy Scotsman along the way, Jeffers and Jane wade into the loch with them on this companion audio.

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