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Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 22 - commentary: GIVE POLICE A CHANCE

Bill, Tim and Graeme convince folks to love the police but have to try much harder with the vice versa. Commentary for 'Give Police a Chance' (series 1) from Jeffers, Jane and guest commentator Ace Bowron. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast 21 - Alison Bean interview

We interview Goodies Rule OK fan club creator Alison Bean and preview Graeme Garden acting in The Book of Kells by Big Finish. Plus Bill Oddie returns to Springwatch!

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Goodies Podcast 20 - commentary: DODONUTS

Commentary for Dodonuts!

Bill tries to save the last Dodo from trigger-happy hunters Tim and Graeme by helping the hapless specimen take to the skies...

Plus we debut Stevie Rigsby's goodies DVD protest tune 'The Neverseenies'.

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Goodies Podcast 19 - Lisa Manekofsky of GROK

Hail to the chief! This episode we chat with the president of The Goodies Rule Ok! fan club Lisa Manekofsky.

Plus there's news of a freshly recovered episode of 'At Last The 1948 Show' in Blighty (more Tim Brooke-Taylor to be seen!) and a pub at Mornington Crescent renamed in honour of Chairman Humph.

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