Goodies Podcast
Commentaries, geek-outs and interviews hailing the delights of THE GOODIES (1970 - 1982) plus other works by birder BILL ODDIE, slapstick genius GRAEME GARDEN and teapot TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR.
Goodies Podcast 123 - Merry Xmas 2012

A simple tale of The Goodies' adventure with Santa.

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Goodies Podcast 122 - More Original Fandom [with Veronica Patrick]

Isabell hears tales of 70s & 80s fandom from Veronica Patrick, who attended Goodies and ISIHAC recordings, plays and even book launches!

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Goodies Podcast 121 - Farewell Clarion & Globe

A brief look back at the Goodies Rule OK! Official Fan Club newsletter - The Clarion & Globe' - after its final edition in November 2012.

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Goodies Podcast 120 - I Was There When ...

A chat with superfans Pete Merrett & Olga Ruocco, who were there in person from the 1960s onwards, watching the recordings of ISIRTA, The Goodies, ISIHAC, Monty Python and so much more. Starring Isabell Olevall from The Sveeden!

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Goodies Podcast 119 - News & Basics

News and a quick chat about the basics of any Goodies collection.

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Goodies Podcast 118 - Saturday Night Grease

It's Saturday night and time to get down and dirty with the Disco Heave!

So, pull up your carrot underpants, step into your tight pants and get ready to go Grease Cyclin' with Tim Travolta and Olivia Newton-Grayboots (live from Disco Bilius), while Steve packs his bags for his trip to Texas to meet the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! Heaven!! :)

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Goodies Podcast 117 - Andrew Hansen speaks the Truth

The Chaser decides ... to chat about Channel 7's 'The Unbelievable Truth'. Yes! Andrew Hansen had a 'talk' with the Goodies Podcast about bringing Graeme Garden's radio creation to life on Australian television.

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Goodies Podcast 116 - WAR BABIES commentary

Commentary on The Goodies' final BBC episode - War Babies!

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Goodies Podcast 115 - The Unbelievable Strewth

Graeme appears on Australian telly in The Unbelievable Truth and we break it down for Goodies fans across the globe. Enjoy!

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Goodies Podcast 114 - The New Office commentary.mp3

Jane and Jeffers look at the 1973 episode THE NEW OFFICE. Plus there's news!

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Goodies Podcast 113 - Do Not Adjust Your Podcast

Yes, Steve and Megan are back for a second week running, controlling Goodies HQ from the very most end of the earth while Jane and Jeffers are M.I.A.


Everything is under control.

Steve and Megan take a second stab at the shows that came before The Goodies in the hope of spotting a TBT special appearance, while also breathing a sigh of relief to be rid of Cleese and Chapman, having replaced them with the terrific trio of Palin, Jones and Idle.


Normality will return next week...maybe.

We think. Perhaps...

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Goodies Podcast 112 - At Last the Steve & Megan Show

While the cat's away...

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Goodies Podcast 111 - TBT on 80s TV

Jeffers checks out what Timbo was up to on TV in the 1980s...

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Goodies Podcast 110 - DVD wish lists

So, when is the next Goodies DVD coming out, and what should be on it? Jeffers and Jane debate the methods by which a new set of 8 should be chosen.

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Goodies Podcast 109 - Chubby Chumps

We're all imprisoned in one way or another... in our minds, our bodies, our lives... by our work, our families, where we live, or the embassy... but what happens when you let yourself go? What happens when you stop taking care of yourself? Will your friends come to your aid and help you through it all? Or will they just miss you...unless they aim carefully?

Goodies Podcast 109 brings you a commentary of Chubby Chumps, me darlin's... and some lovely gugglegum nusic!! Clunk click!

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Goodies Podcast 108 - Astronauts REDUX

Jane and Jeffers give a second opinion on the Garden / Oddie show 'Astronauts', plus bring you some Mastermind and other Goodies newsy bits. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast 107 - Winter Olympics

Wrapping up the Goodies games trio of commentaries is Winter Olympics, with Jane and Jeffers on the mic. Plus news and quiz!

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Goodies Podcast 106 - Monsters

Which is the most monstrous of the Goodies monsters? Jane and Jeffers try to decide...

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Goodies Podcast 105 - A Kick in the Arts

Olympic fever hits the GP for half an hour as we look at the 1980 episode 'a kick in the arts'.

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Goodies Podcast 104 - Astronauts

Yes, Megan and Steve are back on the commentary couch, strapping themselves in and blasting off as they take a look at the recently released to DVD comedy ASTRONAUTS, which was penned by our very own Billykins and Graybags.

ASTRONAUTS is possibly as far away from THE GOODIES as you can imagine, and Steve and Megan go boldly beyond, to see if our intrepid boys overshot their landing with this series... or maybe even blew up on takeoff.

Comedy gold? Worthy of a "complete series" DVD release? Or something best forgotten, orbiting a faraway star? You decide, once Steve and Megan have.

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Goodies Podcast 103 - Stuart Fell

Goodies stunt coordinator Stuart Fell chats with Jeffers about the thrills and spills of filming the show's dangerous bits. Fan-tastic!

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Goodies Podcast 102 - Holidays

Holidays! Series 9's one-pudding wonder gets a revisit from Jane and Jeffers.

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Goodies Podcast 101 - Top Ten Tunes

The final part of Jenny Doyle's goody-tastic music poll, where we reveal the top 10 Goodies tunes from the episodes, as voted by YOU.

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Goodies Podcast 100 - Bill Oddie interview

Boom! Goodies Podcast deploys the dynamite with a deadly duo of Bill Oddie speaking and JJ Garden tweaking. Oh, and Steve sings again. Bless you, yes YOU, lovely Goodies fan!

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Goodies Podcast 99 - Royal Command

Steve & Megan go rapid-fire royal while packing, and Jenny Gibbon brings you part four of the Goodies Music Poll.

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Goodies Podcast 98 - Farm Fresh!

Farm Fresh Food is commented upon by J & J while camping in the West Australian wilderness. Plus there's part three of Jenny Gibbon's music poll! We're all secret lemonade drinkers :)

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Goodies Podcast 97 - The Greenies

Part two of the Goodies Music Poll, plus a commentary for 'The Greenies' by Jeffers and Jane. Cheers!

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Goodies Podcast 96 - Goodies music poll pt1

Favourite Goodies song? We asked you. Jenny Doyle has the results; in the first of 4 segments, Jenny reveals the tracks that scored a whopping zero votes. Sacrilege! Plus TBT and Bill news, & NEKROFEIST's Goodies theme tribute.

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Goodies Podcast 95 - Snooze

Well, down here at the bottom of the world, it's winter. So that means short cold days and longer colder nights. And what's a girl to do? Getting up early for bootcamp at the gym three days a week and then going to work, coming home to slave over a hot stove to look after her Steevie. Yes, in the end, she gets run down and illness catches up with her. There's nothing for it, she just has to climb into bed and..... Snooooze!

So, with Megan under the weather and Steve as fit as a fiddle, your trusty podcasterians decide to hit up the second episode of the Goodies and see if Snooze can make Megan feel a little better. Will she survive? Can she hold out to the end? Will the sickness be too powerful and finally do her in? Is her life insurance up to date? And just what does a fine set of lungs and Horlicks have to do with an early Goodies episode anyway?

Find out now, on Goodies Podcast 95 - Snooze!

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Goodies Podcast 94 - Playgirl Club

Plug the kids' ears - it's an improv commentary on the Goodies' playgirl antics in 'Caught in the Act'. Plus we get the answer to the question "What will Bill Oddie be worth in 50 years?".

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Goodies Podcast 93 - [s]noooze

Jeffers recaps the Goodies news for mid-April 2012.

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Goodies Podcast 92 - Culture for the Masses

Culture for the Masses - a commentary for this series 2 ep, featuring Jeffers and Jane.

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Goodies Podcast 91 - Clown Virus

It's April 1, It's time for fun,
There's people all around.
Sharing laughs, And joking parts,
It's time to be the clown.

Our Superchaps Three, The Goodies they be,
Are here to entertain us. With noses of balls,
And slapstick falls, It is the "Clown Virus."

So come one and all, For tales short and tall,
On this very April Fools Day. When Steve and Megan,
One mad, one Vegan, Watch poisoned "soup" come into play.

So this is the truth, Or is it a spoof?
It's up to you to decide. For this is podcast ninety-one,
On Fools Day April 1, The truth's between the lies!

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Goodies Podcast 90 - Cecily

A commentary on 'Cecily', the series 1 episode from December 1970.

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Goodies Podcast 89 - it's Maaaxie Grease!

Julian Chagrin, a master of visual comedy, played the role of Maxie Grease in the Goodies' special 'Superstar'. Jeffers was very excited to join Julian as he lifted the lid on a fascinating career including a Rose of Montreaux, an Oscar nomination, two successful series' and more classic commercials than you can whack with a black pudding. Best interview ever!

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Goodies Podcast 88 - BIGkids Rule OK

Rosie Oddie and Mr Hudson give Jeffers the lowdown on the new BIGkids single 'Drum in Your Chest'.

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Goodies Podcast 87 - Animals

Taking time away from caring for a sick rabbit, Steve and Megan decide to visit the Commentary Couch for an episode of our Super Chaps which involves our four-legged friends. And so they turn to ANIMALS, the Series 8 episode which provides us with every-changing comedy greatness, from an animal-led economic recovery, to revolting sheep, Rabid Frost and a quick rabbit stew. It also contains the most disturbing and unsettling ending to a Goodies episode ever!

"Nosebulb? I don't see no Nosebulb!"

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Goodies Podcast 86 - Believable Truths

Nicole Lovell tells Jeffers about her adventures at the TV recordings for Graeme Garden's UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH.

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Goodies Podcast 85 - Trandemania Trap

Trandem! (featuring Paul Litchfield of 'The Trap') ...and of course the 69th birthday of Graeme Garden.

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Goodies Podcast 84 - Advertising Men

The Goodies' ad breaks.

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Goodies Podcast 83 - Menace to Society

Are our beloved Goodies really so good? Or are they a public menace? All four of our hosts look at the Goodies' adventures through a prism of half-baked ethics philosophy to find out...

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Goodies Podcast 82 - Snow White

The Goodies series 9 opener 'Snow White 2' was chosen for J & J this week (thanks Steve and Megan) so they try to make the best of it, helped by news of the 2012 Slapstick event in Bristol.

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Goodies Podcast 81 - Goodies Roulette!

Yes, Steve and Megan are back from their extended Christmas/New Year break and they're on the ball and ready for some Goodies Commentary brilliance.

Or are they?

Resorting to Plan C, they play Goodies Roulette, gambling on the chance they just might hit the jackpot.

But will they?

No matter where the ball lands,
Red or black,
You're sure to get a Commentary,
With a Goodies Sountrack!

Listen as our hosts let the fickle finger of Fate guide them to this week's Goody Good Goodies fun!

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Goodies Podcast 80 - Lost Kitten

Where is the original Kitten Kong? We have no idea, but decide to look at the facts of the case.

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Goodies Podcast 79 - Do the Bounce!

It's a space-hopping London to Brighton trip with Jane and Jeffers, commenting on the charity bounce - and the great news that Graeme Garden is now on Twitter! @GraemeGarden1

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